Search Engine Optimization

Getting Higher Rankings on Search Engines

We have received requests from time to time looking for information on the search engines and how to get placed within them. This is not a topic that can be covered quickly, but hopefully we can shed a bit of light on the whole process.

Some directories use humans to visit websites. These volunteers visit websites, navigate and rank the sites personally. The most notable of these is

The spider fed search engines use a different method of rating sites. They generally send out "spiders" to "read" text and html source code. It is critical that your web site is built to be spider friendly. Your source code should conform to w3c standards, your meta tag keywords and the content of your page should match each other, your links should match, and your site navigation should be easy. The spiders will read your html code and follow it as written.

The cleaner the code, and the more relevant the content to the meta tags, the better the ranking of your site will be. In addition, other sites on the Internet that are linked to your site will demonstrate web interest in your website and help in raising your rankings.


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