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We receive lots of e-mail from Stevenson "cousins" searching for their ancestors. The genealogy posted on this site covers only the Dunlop, Scotland/West Haven, Connecticut branch ... but there are many, many more! There seems to be a large group that emigrated first to Ireland or England, and then to the United States, mostly the southern and midwest regions. We know absolutely nothing about any of these other branches, but would like to help our distant cousins in some way. So .....

Following are some queries and valuable info that we have received since this site was posted. Browse through and see if YOU can help one of your Stevenson cousins or find something useful for yourself! If you make any connections, please send the writer an e-mail and please CC us, too!

January 30 & May 11 & October 29, 1997
Larry Nicodemus
Argyle, Texas

I am searching for Stevensons from Connecticut. My Great Grandfather was David William Stevenson, born 1849 New Haven, CT (Death Certificate). Per census record his parents were born in Scotland. It was told in the family that David came from a well-to-do family in CT; he had a falling out and left at age sixteen. He was a printer and his son became a printer, also. He married in 1885 at Coffeyville, KS Grace Jennie Sullivan from Iowa. They had one or two sons in Coffeyville. He then moved to Hailey, ID and then to Chico, CA. He died in 1932. I have a copy of marriage certificate and their pictures. My Grandfather, David William Jr., was born in MO, place and exact date unknown. David Jr. ended up in Carson City, NV and married Edna Riehl. She died shortly after my Mom was born and he was killed 8 months later in an auto accident in Los Angeles. I am hitting a brick wall trying to track the Stevenson in CT. If you can offer any suggestions! I would appreciate it.


February 5 & 11, 1997
From: D. Willson

My G-G-Grandfather was William Stevenson; he came here from England or Scotland. He settled in Greensburg, Indiana and sometime around 1856 he and his wife, Mary, had the first of ten children. The first two children, Marshall and Isaac Stevenson, moved to Kansas sometime around 1878. I would like to know where William and Mary came from.


February 20, 1997
Michelle Nelson
Raleigh, NC

My mother is a Stevenson.  Her father was William Joseph Stevenson. About five generations back from him is his great grandfather who settled in Statesville, NC from Ireland, but I think they had been from England first. This William Stevenson was given land from the King of England to settle in NC, I think to preach. So I was just checking your page out for more info.


March 20, 1997
Shelly Stevenson

I believe my great-grandfather was LaClair Stevenson, born in Michigan.  I have his death certificate, but know nothing more. Any help would be appreciated.


April 19, 1997
Ed Snyder

My great grandmother's name was Sarah Ann (Stevenson) Snyder. Her father's name was John C. Stevenson. She was born in Toronto, Canada in 1878, and moved to Oregon in 1892. Just looking for any possible information.


May 4, 1997
Danny L. Stevenson
Mt. Sterling, Kentucky

Looking for descendants of John Stevenson who settled in Fauquier Co., VA from England some time before the Revolutionary War. They emigrated to Clark Co., Kentucky in 1798.


May 31, 1997
Joel Harry Stevenson
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I was born in Pennsylvania in 1941 but have lived in Florida since 1956. I know very little about my ancestry but would like to learn more. Any connections?


July 6, 1997
Priscilla Davis
Bethlehem, PA

I am the granddaughter of Rebecca Stevenson, born in Donegal, Ireland. Rebecca's father was John Stevenson of Carricknagun, Donegal, Ireland and her grandfather was John Stevenson, son of Arthur Stevenson of Keeldrum, Donegal, Ireland. This appears to be a marriage of cousins. One of Rebecca's brothers settled in Somerville, MA (Josiah Stevenson); Rebecca's  sister, Margaret, lived in the Philadelphia, PA area; and another brother, Alexander, lived in Wilmington, DE.


July 29 & September 3, 1997
John W. Stevenson
Midland, Texas

We have our side of the Stevenson family traced back to about 1615 in London, England. I am trying to track down others who may be descendants.

I have read your material on the Stevenson family from the Internet.  Though it does not appear we are from the same line, I have clues that also lead me to Scotland from our side of the family. 

My ancestors arrived in America in Virginia about 1643. They lived in various places from New York, to Ohio, and Indiana. I have traced my line back to Thomas Stevenson  (1615) from London, England.  There seems to be some indications that he was descended from an officer of that name in the army of William the Conqueror, who for services rendered at the Battle of Hastings was rewarded by a grant of land in Scotland, south of Glasgow, the parish and town of which bear the name of Stevenson to this day.  One of the family, Sir Hugh Stevenson, was High Constable of Scotland. In the border wars between Scotland and England, which for centuries devastated this section, the estate passed out of the family and it became scattered. What gives support to this is an old signet ring with a coat of arms and an old silver plate stamped with the same, that are now in possession of a lineal descendant of Thomas Stevenson.


September 6, 1997
Michael Stevenson
Centerport, NY 11721

Descended from Stevensons out of Boston who married Doyles of Newport, RI. Came to NYC and had my dad and, of course, us. If anything clinks, please give a "hey".


September 7, 1997
Bob Stevenson
Flint, MI

Looking for information on the Stevenson Family in Tennessee, specifically the Jackson/Medon area.


September 17, 1997
John Stevenson

I have been attempting to trace my family. My great grandfather was John Wentworth Stevenson,  born June 26, 1867 in Milford, Oakland County, Michigan. His parents were John W. Stevenson and Frances Amelia Bird. I was always told as a child that our family was from Scotland. Do any of these names sound familiar?


September 28, 1997
Gary W. Stevenson
email=g big one [?????]

I am looking for any information about the family tree for Hubbard Barnes Stevenson, present and past.


September 30, 1997
Barry Stevenson

Hello from Redmond, WA. My name is Barry Stevenson. I am the son of Walter Stevenson of Puyallup, WA. Mother's name was Louise Kluh. My father passed away in 1949 from a war related wound. My uncle is Robert Louis Stevenson from the Seattle area.


November 9, 1997
Michael Stevenson
NewcastleuponTyne, England, U.K.

I'm just at the beginning of trying to find info on my ancestors. My grandfather, Arthur Charles Bernard Stevenson; his father a William Stevenson; and HIS father Charles Stevenson were all born in Nottingham, England. There is supposed to be a Scottish connection somewhere that I am trying to find. I am beginning to realize, however, that there are a lot of Stevensons out there! Also I live in France which doesn't simplify things. Any help will be appreciated.


November 16 & 23, 1997
Mindi Tadlock

I am the granddaughter of Harold William Stevenson who is also a descendant of William Stevenson. My grandpa was born in Trumbol County, Ohio. We have just recently found out information on Kilravock Castle in the Scottish Highland and we go back even further to a clan called the Rose clan who have a castle in Croy, Scotland called Kilvarock. We found quite a few Stevenson brick masons from hundreds of years ago; that is what my grandfather does today. We told him masonry was in his blood. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated as we would love to learn more about our family heritage


November 25, 1997
Kevin Stevenson

I have been researching my family's genealogy for the last year, since my father died.  I have found the Stevensons who immigrated to the United States from Scotland. The parents' names are James and Janet Stevenson.  I don't have any information on James at this point.  I do know that Janet Stevenson's maiden name was Stewart or Steward.  Per the 1900 census in Illinois, she had nine kids and five were living.  She died in 1901 at the age of 85.  She was born in 1815 in Scotland. The only sons and daughters I have been able to track down is Robert Stevenson, born in 1854, and Peter Stevenson, born in 1858.  They were both born in Scotland, per their death certificates.  I have found the names of John Stevenson, Mary StevensonCampbell as recipients of goods from Peters will. Robert and Peter became naturalized, but there is no record of it in St. Clair County, IL where they lived and died. They came to the United States in 1862 or 1863 per Peter's death certificate.  I do not know the name of the town or county in which they lived. If you know of any information or any suggestions on what to try, I would appreciate it. I really want to track the family down to where they came from in Scotland.


December 15, 1997
William Cole Stevenson Jr.

I was born 3-1-64 in Media, PA (outside of Philadelphia). My dad was born in Woodbridge, NJ but was raised in Media from about age 2. My grandfather, Frank MacLure Stevenson, was born and raised in Pittsburg, PA. Other than that I know very little. I know that my name came from my grandmother's father (my great grandfather) William Cole, who was from Pittsburg (actually Carnegie). I am going to have my first child in July and I am interested in my family's heritage to find an appropriate name that would have meaning. Well, if you have anything that would help me I would really appreciate it.


December 30, 1997
Scott A. Stevenson
Philadelphia (originally from northwest Indiana)

I am really interested in tracing the Stevenson name as far as I can.  I know that my grandfather, Vernon Alonzo Stevenson, was born somewhere in Michigan and grew up in Knox, Indiana.


December 28, 1997

Looking for information on Lottie Stevenson who married Leo Kimmel.  They lived in the Blue Earth, Richland Center area of WI. Lottie had two sisters I know of ... Katherine who married George Daughtery, and Anne (married name unknown) ... and possibly a brother named Perry Stevenson.  If you have any information on this part of the Stevenson family, we would appreciate knowing.


January 10, 1998
Marion Allen Stevenson

I am 28 years old and I am orginally from Salisbury, Md.  I  have traced some of my roots tentatively to Scotland, Ayreshire in particular.  I am still in the Marine Corps and I was stationed in Edzell, Scotland from 1991-1993.  That is where I did most of my research.  The problem is making the connection.  I have found numerous account of Stevensons coming to America in the 1800's but none that I can tie together.  My family can be traced on the eastern shore of Maryland back to about 1870 But there was a fire in the Worchester County court house in the 1930's and all was lost. So if you have any tips for me I would greatly appreciate them. Thank you!


January 12, 1998
Donna Stevenson Lewis
Washington State

My line is from Thomas Preston Stevenson and his son, Noah Preston Stevenson. I understand Thomas first married to a "Steele." I would like to find information on a Stevenson who married to a Miss Gay.


February 13, 1998
Cheryl Coleman Cline
Mattoon, IL (originally Ohio)

I have Williams and Stevenson as some of my ancestors. Looking for any connections.


February 19, 1998
Jay Stevenson

The earliest Stevenson I have found in my genealogy is Richard
Stevenson married to Christina Robinson. Their son Henry Stevenson was born in Southdean, Roxburgshire, Scotland in 1818. This entire family emmigrated to the US and settled in Danville, Illinois. Does anyone have more info?


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