Videos In Your Website

Clients often ask whether a video can be incorporated into their website.

The short answer is ... Yes!

The long answer has to do with file format. We can use WMV, MPG or AVI formats within a website -- all web-friendly formats.

Some digital video cameras and digital still cameras allow you to save short movies as MPG or AVI files. These are great as is.

If the source movie is a DV (digital) or Digital 8 (digital) format, the file will have to be converted to one of the web-friendly formats listed above.

If the camera is analog (VHS, HI-8, etc.), the movie will have to be played back, captured, and then converted to a digital format.

MouseWorks can do all of this for you; but having a short digital WMV, MPG or AVI format movie to start with will make the process very easy and more cost-efficient.


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