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MouseWorks Web Services

MouseWorks is proud to offer start-to-finish web site design and hosting services
designed to get your business or organization on the web quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

We know you’re busy, so below is a quick overview of what’s involved in getting a web site up and running. Here’s what you’ll need...


First you need a domain name ...! MouseWorks will help you decide on the best domain name for your business or organization, and will register and configure your new name to get it working.

Already have a domain name? Provide your registrar username & password and we’ll help with all the technical, behind-the-scenes business so you don’t have to deal with it. This usually takes just a few minutes, although each case is unique and the amount of time needed to get things in order may vary.

Your Cost — Pricing varies depending on the extension:

  • .COM $15.99/year
  • .ORG $17.99/year
  • .NET $18.99/year

We strive to produce web sites that are creative, colorful, and user-friendly. And we can do it all from start to finish – research, composition, custom buttons, slideshows, etc. We’ll create a site that will reflect your company’s image and work easily and efficiently for your visitors.

We will create a one or two page preview and work with you from that point to develop the rest of the site. Going forward, you’ll send updates (coming events, new services or products, etc.) by email, and we’ll ensure that your new info is posted in a timely manner.

We offer the following ...

  • Custom graphics & navigation
  • Composition services
  • Stat counters
  • Custom Forms
  • PayPal shopping carts
  • Fast turnaround on updates

Your Cost — All services are priced at $60/hour. You are billed for the actual minutes spent on the work -- we do NOT round up to the nearest hour or half-hour!

*** Please note that we DO NOT create content management sites (like WordPress or Joomla) that clients take over and update themselves.

Once your website is designed, the resulting files need a place to reside in cyberspace so that the public can view them. With MouseWorks hosting, you’ll get server space for your files, unlimited mailboxes and mail forwarding, and numerous other state-of-the-art benefits for your website.

Your Cost — $169/year (payable annually)

*** Please note that we DO NOT host websites that are not designed by MouseWorks.

Already have a hosting company? Simply provide the information we’ll need to access your account (username, password, and FTP host address) and we’ll do the rest. It usually takes about 15 minutes to configure this set-up on your own hosting, and we do this free of charge. Should there be any problems requiring extensive setup or tech support beyond 15 minutes, you’ll be charged at the usual $60 hourly rate.

Once your site is completed and is “out there” on the hosting servers, it’s time to announce your business or organization to the Internet community. MouseWorks will add meta tags (specialized html code) to your site that’s compliant with search engine submission criteria. We will then register your site with Google for optimum visibility.

Your Cost — Simple websites require about an hour of work; more complicated sites require more time to compose unique tags for each page. All search engine optimization work is priced at $60/hour.

*** Please note that we cannot guarantee inclusion in any free search engine or index. Guaranteed listings are available through paid services.

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