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Setting Up Your Email

This information is for MouseWorks Hosting Clients Only


This is the simplest way to send/receive your email. It’s similar to Gmail or Yahoo! mail in that you access your mail through your browser.

The log-in address for MouseWorks Hosting Clients only is: (or .org, or .net -- whatever your extension is)

Safari User: or

Log in using your full email address and your assigned password. You may then choose HordeMail or RoundCube Mail. Try both and see which suits your needs best.


Steps will vary depending on your version of Outlook. Essentially you want to add a new account and fill in the blanks for Name, Username (full email address), and Password (be sure "remember password" is checked).

Incoming (POP/IMAP) Settings

    IMAP: Port 143
    POP3: Port 110

Outgoing (SMTP) Settings
    SMTP: Port 25 or Port 587
    CHECK My outgoing server requires authentication (for IMAP, POP3 & SMTP)
    CHECK Use same settings as my incoming mail server (or type in username/password)

Other Internet Service Providers (Cox, Comcast, etc.) may require that you use THEIR outgoing mailserver. If the Outgoing (SMTP) settings above don’t work, you can try using the settings below, or call your Internet Service Provider and ask what they want you to use as the outgoing mailserver settings.

    Cox Outgoing (SMTP)
    Port 25

    Comcast Outgoing (SMTP)
    Port 25 or 587

    VERIZON CUSTOMERS ONLY: Outgoing (SMTP) Settings
    As of November 15, 2016, Verizon will no longer allow customers to use the Verizon outgoing mailservers to send mail from non-Verizon email addresses. If you have an email address associated with your domain name (for example,, you’ll need to make the following changes to your Outgoing Mail settings in Outlook. See Outgoing (SMTP) Settings above.


Unfortunately, there are so many carrier and phone variables that MouseWorks is unable to provide detailed information about mail setup for cellphones. Try using the standard settings listed above, or call or visit your cellphone store and ask for their help.

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